UI/UX Design

Mobile Apps strategies and UI/UX optimization
(an ongoing project)

Vantage FX was founded in 2009 by a highly-specialised team with backgrounds in Finance.

  • Client:Vantage

  • Industry:Finance

  • Servicea:Mobile Apps strategies
    and UI/UX optimization

  • Website:www.vantagemarkets.com


Identifying a decline in user satisfaction across UI platforms, Vantage App embarked on a deep dive into their existing processes and their consistency between internal and external systems. Stark contrasts between user-facing forms and staff-facing forms was restricting effective communication with the customer.


1.Consistency between client and the backoffice. Inconsistency proved a major pain point for employees and customers, making the processes more difficult. Our solution brought consistency across platforms for both client and the backoffice, leading to a greater understanding between the two parties, which resulted in higher satisfaction.
2.Created a self-service form platform. Collaborating with the Vantage FX in-house dev team and staff, we created a self-service app that could be edited and redesigned by all internal users. This led to greater flexibility in updating forms for client needs.
3.Updating the framework. Working with the Vantage FX platform and business owners, we were able to define and dispense an updated version of guidelines and design language for current and future systems. This proved immediately useful with the UX and UI updates and will continue to serve Vantage FX for all future updates.

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