Mobile Trading
System (MTS)

What is MTS?

Reduce your reliance on the traditional trading platforms with the Mobile Trading System (MTS) offered by Duotech. The MTS system enables your business to capitalise on the uptake in mobile usage, harnessing the strengths of traditional trading platforms within a proprietary system.

Get your own MTS trading system, curated for your own client pool.

Payment Rule Engine: DT-ProPay

DT-ProPay is an innovative service that lowers company payment costs, enhances user experience and improves payment success rates.

  • Optimises payment routing

    Directs transactions to the most suitable payment gateway, acquirer, or fraud prevention system based on predefined criteria including transaction amount, payment method, currency, customer location and more; thereby reducing processing fees. directing transactions.

  • Personalises payment experiences

    Tailors payment options and messaging to individual customers, fostering better engagement.

  • Better data insights

    Generates valuable data for analysis and optimization of payment strategies.

Fintech Infrastructure Provider

To stay at the forefront of the latest fintech developments, Duotech places its focus on the following aspects.

  • Innovative tools

    AI-powered analysis, advanced order types, automated strategies, social trading capabilities

  • Improved user experience

    Intuitive interface, customization options, mobile accessibility

  • Enhanced security and reliability

    Advanced encryption, multi-factor authentication, robust data protection

AI in Finance

Duotech leverages on Artificial Intelligence (AI) to improve processes for maximum efficiency.

  • Algorithmic trading bots

    Develop rules-based or AI-driven algorithms that automatically execute trades based on predefined criteria, freeing up traders' time and minimising emotional biases.

  • Security and fraud prevention enhanced by AI

    Implement AI-powered systems to detect and prevent cyberattacks, protecting user data and financial assets.

  • Compliance automation

    Streamline compliance processes by automating tasks like KYC/AML checks and regulatory reporting.

Copy Trading System

We revolutionise copy trading with AI-powered insights and automation, enabling traders to develop, share, execute, and copy trades on a single platform.

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